10 wired things the body still does even after death

I recently lost an aunt and when relative who went to visit her came back with the story that her hair has grown longer I become curious and decide to do a research to know if some parts of the human body survive death and hear is what I got.

So I learnt that only bacteria in the digestive system can actually survive death but the body still does wired things and this is why: 

  1. Longer Hair or Nails: Though human skin cells can survive for a while after death it eventually dies and when it does the skin begins to reced as moisture leaves the body. The skin dries out and course hair and nails to look longer so hair and nails do not actually grow after death, they just look longer because of the dried skin.
  2. Continues body functions: once all of the muscles in the body relaxes, the body will release what it has been holding back and that is why many dead people continue to urinate and have bowl movement. This is just the body's way of riding itself of waste, it does not mean that the body is still living or will continue its functions after death.
  3. Muscle can still move: according to Yale scientific "Immediately after death the muscles of the body contract in the same manner they do when the person is still alive" this is because it takes a while for the nervous system to stop functioning, so people may see muscle twitches or movement. But once circulation and breathing stops the muscles tense and become stiff.
  4. Erection: the body can get an erection after death though this is not due to lust or desire as with a living body. the dead body can get an erection during rigor mortis which is the stiffening of the body after death or if someone dies face down and blood due to gravity flows down to the penis.
  5. Ejaculation: sometimes discharge can be found near the panis on a corps but the is actually leakage that comes from the passive seeping of fluid from the postrate gland.
  6. Release of gas: due to the build up of excess bacteria in the bodyafter death the body will accumulate a lot of gas so as the body begins to release gas they may be sounds emitting form the body's windpipe.
  7. Digestion: when a body dies the bacteria's living in the body do not die (especially those of the digestive system) they live on and continue their functions while feasting on the intestine and dead body.
  8. Giving birth: during the time before embalming and quick burial. It was said that the combination of gas build up and flesh softening could cause the dead body of a pregnant woman to expel the fetus.
  9. Brain Activity: it is believed that brain Activity continues several minutes after a person has been clinically declared dead.
  10. Loose muscles: a few days after death, the body's tissue breaks down causing the stiff parts to relax. 

This was very educating for me as I have come to discover that this body reaction after death could be the source of many wild local stories associated with corps.

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