After the death of a parent(s), the children or relatives inhert the properties of the deceased. This is a tradition I believe is practiced everywhere in the world.

In Africa this tradition is no different, though in recent time things have changed, in the past women where not allowed to inherit or become heiress in most tradition because they were seen as properties of their husbands and fathers as properties they were the responsibility of the men (husband, father) whom they were to depend on for all their needs. Not considering the fact that not all women wished to get married, as marriage and child bearing was seen as the summit.of a woman's existence. This ideology gave birth to the believe that men are superior in all things and women where week and not fit for any other role aside child bearing and motherhood.

In recent times this tradition is no longer prevalent due to the efforts and sacrifice of women the likes of: Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Dorothy Height, Pasty Mink, Dolores Huerta, Wilma Mankiller, Vanzetta Penn McPherson and their predecessors who fought and are still fighting for women's right and gender equality. Though we have come a long way in putting an end to this believe and discrimination we still have a long way to go before we can truly put and end to gender discrimination and I believe with our joint efforts as individuals we will succeed in achieving true equality where superiority will not be measured by a person's sex or gender but by their achievements, personalities and character.

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