We all purchase food items and cook food at home, but we get upset when something goes wrong in the kitchen. That might be a food item perish before we use them or getting a hard time preparing certain foods. 

I am going to share with you food hacks that you can try at home to save money and time. We save money when we store our food items safely so that they can not get spoiled. We save time when we use certain cooking hacks in the kitchen. Below are some of the food hacks that saves time and money at home:

-Storing tomatoes together with lime will prevent your tomatoes from perishing fast if you don't have a fridge.

-When boiling eggs, add a slice of lime. This will make the eggs shell to nearly fall off when they are done. 

-Great ginger and add to your meat when cooking, to make it cook fast and be tinder.

-When cooking maize or beans, add a little baking soda to make them cook fast.

-When grinding garlic, add salt to it. This will make it more soft.

-If you want your meat to be fresh the next day but you don't have a fridge, sprinkle salt on it.

I hope this hacks will help you.

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