How long does it take to digest food?

Here’s a way to fink out.Get food dye in any color but RED,you’ll freak out if you use red.haha put a few drops on some bread or crackers and eat with whatever meal you want to TIME then WRITE the time down and wait in 24–30 hours you should have an idea.Every person is different as is most foods-hope that helps.

How long does it take to digest food?

Normally it takes four hour for a healthy individual.Again it depends on the type of food as well.fruits gets digested with 1 hr,where as meat takes more then 5 hrs.on the whole many factors involved like

sleep pattern,

Psychological factors such as stress,depression Slows down the digestion.

How long the particular food got cooked,

Rest after consumption of food

Content of food.

Cooking method e.g steamed food can be digested fast compared to fried items.

Digestion is a slow process. Everyone is different. The official length of time is 36 hours!! I don't think that it can be that exact though!!!

Two to four hours. Chronic and systemic constipation can cause a blockage that extends the time it takes for the stomach to empty. If you find this is beginning to happen to you, eat vegetables and drink water, nothing else until it clears up. Include pickles in that and no starchy vegetables. If this doesn’t solve the problem, see your doctor. You have a very serious problem.

That really depends on the composition of the meal.
If it is predominantly meat and fat the strong acids and enzymes in the stomach will break it down into a slurry or chime in about 15–20 minutes enabling its complete absorption by the body in very short order.
If your meal contains cellulose and other indigestible plant products it can take 12–24 hours to eliminate it with virtually none of it contributing any nutrients to our body.
Some plant material can pass right through the body and emerge unchanged. Sweet corn??

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