How to become a Canadian citizen most applicants must qualify this

According to the official website of the Government of Canada, to become a Canadian citizen, most applicants must:


be a permanent resident of Canada

have lived in Canada for at least 3 out of the last 5 years (1,095 days)

have filed their taxes, if they need to

pass a test on their rights, responsibilities and knowledge of Canada

prove their language skills in English or French

take the oath of citizenship

There are some exceptions and additional requirements depending on the applicant’s age, situation, and background. For example, spouses of Canadian citizens, adopted children of Canadian citizens, current or former Canadian Armed Forces members, and past Canadian citizens may have different eligibility criteria. You can check your eligibility and apply online on the [Citizenship and Immigration Canada website].


Some of the benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen are:


You can vote in federal, provincial, and municipal elections

You can run for office and hold a Canadian passport

You can travel to more than 180 countries without a visa

You can access more social programs and services

You can enjoy the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Some of the challenges of becoming a Canadian citizen are:

How to become a Canadian citizen most applicants must qualify this How to become a Canadian citizen most applicants must qualify this


You may have to renounce your previous citizenship, depending on your country of origin

You may have to pay a fee of $630 CAD for adults and $100 CAD for minors

You may have to study for the citizenship test and prepare for the interview

You may have to wait for several months or years for the processing of your application

You may have to face some cultural and linguistic differences in your new country

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