how to create a website and make money

In this blog you can read basic steps how to create a free website and make money online

how to create a website and make money

if you are student or a freelancer how is just join internet community and want to learn how to make money online then this blog is for your without investment of money you can earn good money online for free

You need a Web Domain first

To start it online by blogging you need website address which is called we domain you can buy it on gogole domains / godady  from 1$ to 10$ but for start you can buy cheap name start from 1$ from godaddy

What domain name is best for blogging

Question is what kind of domain name is good any domain name is good but i suggest you but buy a domain name which show the exact meaning of your blogging interest ( for example you want write about nature then you try searching domain names which include nature name on end if its .com its better otherwise any extention is ok for start

Buy Best Hosting is Always hard

Buying hosting to host your website is always a hard decision & difficult decide because of lot of competition in market but i suggest buy from is best idea

How to Create Website for free


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