Outside the world of dollars and Swift..

With so much going on, it's hard to know what the future holds for our planet.

 On the one hand, you have powerful financial forces at work trying to stabilize the dollar and maintain calm.  But on the other hand, you have a country that has shown its will and ability to quickly invade its neighbors and disrupt the world order.

 President Putin has been clear about his intentions from the start: he wants to reestablish Russia as a global superpower, and he is prepared to use military force to achieve this.

 Most pure centrists say that the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war with its military actions is nothing but the beginning of an economic, political and media war between America and Europe on the one hand  , and Russia and China on the other hand, to find a new world outside the world of the dollar and the Swift..a world that is already taking shape during the war in Ukraine to defeat the phantom of Western sanctions..

 Where Russia and China began to propose economic solutions: to break the monopoly that the dollar exerts on the trade and the world exchanges..,

 By imposing trade and selling energy in Russian rubles and Chinese won.

 ..And it has become certain that the new economic world will attract many countries under US and Western sanctions..to break US control over the dollar and global SWIFT..

 While China and Russia have started to deal with cards parallel to VISA and MASTER CARD

 This establishes a new world economic order.. which divides the world into two parts and places it before two economic systems, each of which is protected by a parallel military force.. Which means that the new balance of power in the post-war  Ukraine-Russia will include the establishment of a parallel world market on which America imposes a boycott..!  With the possibility of the emergence of a nascent economy between them which is making its way towards globalization.. and thus entered a multipolar world politically, militarily and economically...

 And as soon as this war ends, with any way or end..!?, then the direction of the world will either become tripolar or it will become a world without poles.  It will look like isolated regional islands of alliances and rivalries.

 Unless they decide which of these worlds they want the inhabitants of the earth to live in...!  ?

 Only time will tell how this conflict will play out.  But one thing is for sure: the world is watching...and the stakes are very high...

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