What is Society ?

Society is where we live together. But who make the society? We. We make the society. We, we people make the society. So, how one can judge society is bad or corrupt? Its absolutely corrupt, if the members of that society are corrupt. But, if they are not, then why people call you corrupt? Why people call you bad? Why people balme socoety for everything they do for their own sake? Why? 

One thing you should remember, if we are good, society will be good. If we are bad, society will automatically be corrupt. So, how one can change the society? By changing oneself. By chnaging oneself, one change the whole society. 

Don't blame society. Blame yourself for not being worthy part of a society. Society makes a man perfect and imperfect. It also depends on you how you respond to something or how you absorb something. It always depends on you to get something in positive way or negative way. Everything has two sides, a positive one and the other is negative one. It's upto you to choose one. You may choose positive side or the negative one. But, once you choose the negative one, you will do negative things and the results will also be negative. So, try to be positive in every situation of life.

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