Ten Advantages of Having a Cat in the Home

1-He keeps quiet

Although they can be a bit mischievous as kittens (mainly due to the curiosity of kittens), cats spend a lot of time sleeping and are usually very discreet when they wake up. They can go ahead of us without realizing it. The pads under their paws are the culprit. They only meow when they are hungry or bored. But they will not make noise at other times of the day.


2- They are independent

This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. However, the cat's autonomy is welcome for people who travel a lot or who work more than 8 hours a day. You can leave in the morning and come back in the evening and even have a weekend getaway without worrying about your cat. All he needs is a bowl full of food, another bowl of water, and his litter box cleaned.


3- Get along with children and the elderly

If you have children at home, a cat will be their adventure companion, especially if you adopt one at a young age. And in the case of the elderly, they are perfect companions. Because they don't need much maintenance or care, they don't become a problem.


4-They are hygienic

Cats are among the cleanest animals among pets. They constantly lick and wash themselves after doing business, coming back from the garden, playing, and even after being touched. He won't give you any cleaning work. He will take care of it himself! You will only need to follow the treatment to remove fleas and ticks.


5-Make your own needs

Unlike dogs, you don't need to take them for a walk about their business, as cats only need a clean litter box. This is perfect if you spend many hours away from home or don't have time to walk your pet. Once he learns to use the box, he won't need anything else.


6-Improve our health

Cats bring many benefits to the people who live with them. There are studies that claim that they have the ability to relax us and reduce stress. If you cuddle or sleep with your pet, your blood pressure will drop. It also balances your heart rate and breathing.


7-They are the best therapy

Therapists and psychologists advise their patients to adopt a cat when they feel lonely, depressed or hopeless.


8-Fun is guaranteed

You can play with them when you get home from work, have unforgettable moments, have a friend in your free time... And they will always be the protagonists of your cute photos and videos.


9-They give you true love

Although it is often said that cats are independent and shy, the truth is that they also express their affection in various ways and love to be petted. The relationship we have with our kitten is authentic, intense, and deep. Remember that felines form certain connections with their owners (or at least one family member), both emotionally and spiritually. If the cat chooses you, you will be its favorite person.


10-Adapt to small spaces

This is one of the main reasons why people living in cities prefer cats as pets. If you live in a small apartment A cat will be perfect because it doesn't need much space to play, eat, sleep or need.


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