Well wisher and positive vibes

Well wisher is one who think well about you. They want you to succeed in life. They want you to do good things. They want you to stay from bad people and bad habits. They want you as their childrens and inshort the well wishers are actually your Parents. Your parents are your great well wisher. They wish and wanna see you as a successful man. You should make them proud. They are the reason for your being on earth. Sometimes, whom you help unconditionally(like help old people in crossing the road etc) think positively about you and gave you blessings. And that blessing are called well wishes. They maybe the reason for your success in life.

Your Well wisher always wish good about you. Your well wisher is your mother and father. When you do something good for anyone, he or she also become your well wisher. And all you need in this cruel world is well wishes. Well wishes are necessary for everyone. 

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