What are the things to know before signing on Twitter?

What is Twitter and what is done on Twitter and what entertainment can we get from using it

What are the things to know before signing on Twitter?

Twitter is the name of a famous website on the Internet, you can find it www.twitter.com, a site known as politics, on which most people like to comment on politics and famous politicians of the world. are on Twitter whose one tweet has caused a stir in the whole world because Twitter is a very popular website where people can directly respond to any famous politician and directly question them. You can read, you can search for any kind of traffic on Twitter, you are on about the workers who died,

Twitter is the first thing you will find on any TV channel if you once If you start to open

What is it Twitter Famous for

But whenever there is a big problem in the world, people start talking about it on Twitter. you will see people commenting and some people will be seen replying to it What happens is that a trend starts on Twitter all over the world People follow the assistant Questions and answers on Twitter After signing up you can give a group of these questions and answers and you will see a voice divided by many people on the basis of likes and dislikes. will not like and the people who like your words more will correct your words. Every share will show your Twitter and your rate and more people. If they do, they will follow you. By following you, you will get in front of people who can then sell them to you. You can also message someone on Twitter. are and can interact with them only in chat i on twitter if you are famous you get a verified.

Non filtered Videos on Twitter

Every type of social media has some advantages and some disadvantages. Similarly, Twitter have many advantages as well as disadvantages. 18+ It's not restricted on Twitter and you can see lot of stuff simialr to 18+ videos without any sign, so it can happen in front of you and if you're sitting in Family , you can accidentally watch a movie. If you want to use Twitter, you have to take care of these things

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