What is the world coming to...?!

          Where is the world going?

With Putin's bombing of Kyiv, we are at the crossroads of history. It seems that our future is one where war, violence and terror are commonplace.

Russia has been in turmoil since the popular protests and widespread corruption of 2011 put Putin back in power. They want to show their dominance over Ukraine and their willingness to do anything to achieve it.

-Russia is bombing Kiev, and according to the first statements, the headquarters of Zilensky has been targeted, and there is talk of a possible transfer of the Ukrainian president to a safe place to protect him... the invasion is imminent, there is talk of dozens of missiles falling on the Ukrainian capital, dozens of deaths and destroyed government buildings

The first statement was issued by the mayor of Kiev. He said that at least 7 people were killed and 31 injured when a missile hit the administration of zilensky, located in central Kyiv.

The second statement came from President Pence, who said that Russia began bombing Kyiv for more than an hour and that there were more than 10 explosions during that time.

It is unclear how long this will last, but it appears that we are at a crossroads of events that could change international relations with Eastern Europe forever

Putin has changed almost all of his army commanders. All commanders of the Russian armies are now appointed by Putin, not by the Minister of Defense or others

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a Russian ally, is preparing for the worst by massing hundreds of thousands of troops on the border with the European Union.

There have been rumors that Europe is on its way to World War III. However, Belarus has been preparing for this scenario for years and by 2022 there will be 500,000 well-equipped troops along its border.

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe and has been the scene of many conflicts throughout history. In the 20th century, it was conquered by Tsarist Russia and Red Russia, then taken over by Nazi Germany

In the future, we can see how the world has changed by looking at what is happening now. The signs of a third world war are already visible in Europe.

With the current situation in the world, it is very likely that Europe is on the threshold of a third world war. What happens with that, I will not say...!

         And may God protect us.

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